厌倦了吃同样的芬威弗兰克斯? Looking for something more off the beaten path than the typical, touristy spots that even the 波士顿的初学者 知道? 你来对地方了. We have a guide to some of the best Boston “Deep Cuts” for those looking for a more hidden side of Boston that not everybody knows about. 

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酒窖 is a store in Boston hidden inside a convenience store.


Did you ever expect to find a hidden upscale streetwear store behind a fake Snapple machine in the back of an unassuming convenience store? No? 然后准备好惊喜吧! 酒窖的入口被伪装成便利店, 配金枪鱼, 洗衣粉, 罐头食品, 还有其他你能在那里找到的不易腐烂的东西. 商店内部很狭窄, 塞满了食物和便利物品, 并不是很吸引人. But in the back corner, open the Snapple machine door to enter the real 酒窖. 你会发现高档运动鞋, 街头风格帽衫, 牛仔裤, 还有更多的放在喷漆的架子上, 臀部的环境. 

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿Clearway街6号02115

包车小费: 酒窖 is on a one-way, narrow road that is often full of cars utilizing the street parking. If you are renting a Boston charter bus and want to visit 酒窖, it’s best to use an 18-passenger面包车 能够在狭窄的街道上穿行, 或者把车停在街上,然后走剩下的路去酒窖.

The 兜帽奶瓶 in Boston serves ice cream and snacks outside the Boston Children's Museum.


有很多伟大的 波士顿的餐馆 供吃货们探索, and the region is known for its seafood fare like clam chowder, 龙虾卷, 还有炸鱼薯条. But one unique restaurant 在波士顿地区 is the 兜帽奶瓶. 就在波士顿儿童博物馆旁边, the 40-foot-tall wooden milk bottle got its start in 1930 as a stand selling homemade ice cream by Arthur Gagner. 在20世纪60年代被遗弃了十年之后, it was purchased by a dairy company that moved it to the Children’s Museum. 今天, 它仍然是一个冰淇淋摊, and sometimes movies are projected onto the large white side of the bottle. 

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿国会街306号邮编02210



波士顿是一座历史悠久的城市, and history buffs will find themselves right at home when they explore the 波士顿历史的一面. One stop you will want to add to your Boston history tour is t他Mapparium. Mapparium是一个庞然大物, 色彩斑斓的, 由内而外的彩色玻璃球建于1925年, 位于玛丽·贝克·艾迪图书馆内. The library also serves as a museum and repository for the papers of Mary Baker Eddy, 基督教科学的创始人. T他Mapparium itself is three stories high and allows you to see the world in a way that doesn’t distort the surface of the earth. 这幅地图自1935年以来就没改过, meaning you can still find places like Siam and French Indochina. 

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿马萨诸塞州大道210号,邮编02115

100 bricks adorn Winthrop Lane and tell the story of Boston's history.


离波士顿自由之路只有几步之遥, 在奥蒂斯和阿奇之间的温斯洛普巷, 是波士顿砖吗?. The 波士顿砖 are a whimsical art installation that tells the story of Boston’s past and present with bronze, 沿着小路的砖块大小的浮雕. There are almost 100 of them, and the project is funded by the Browne Fund in Boston and A. W. 佩里和瑞安公司. 找到专门为好斗的波士顿司机准备的砖块, 19世纪的棒球手套和芬威球场, 波士顿报纸, 富兰克林公园动物园, 以及其他使波士顿成为今天这个城市的因素. 

地址: 温斯洛普巷,波士顿,马萨诸塞州02110

包车小费: The 波士顿砖 are a great detour for student groups or field trips, and spotting the bricks are a fun way for kids to learn about Boston’s history. If you are looking for group transportation for your Boston school group, 买球推荐软件app排名可以提供帮助. 给我们打个电话 617-314-7577 我们可以帮你订一间 波士顿学校旅行巴士租赁.

The 给小鸭雕像让路 in Boston Public Garden is a favorite of the citygoers.


If you are exploring the Boston Public Garden, Franklin Park, Boston Common, or any of the other 公园和户外空间, be sure to check out the adorable “Make Way for Ducklings” statue by Nancy Schön. 这座受人喜爱的小雕像的主角是奥巴马夫人. Mallard and her brood of eight ducklings marching across the road, 他们的名字是杰克, Kack, 缺乏, 麦克, 纳, Ouack, 包, 和嘎嘎. 在节假日和其他特殊场合,你可以找到Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings dressed up in Santa hats, sports jerseys, and other little outfits.

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿查尔斯街4号邮编02116

波士顿的光 is the first lighthouse that was ever built in the United States.


想温习一下航海史? Visit the Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center on the Rose Kennedy Greenway and sign up for a fully narrated, 两个小时的波士顿灯塔之旅. 游览中的灯塔之一, 波士顿的光, is the first lighthouse that was ever built in the United States. Dating back to 1716, 波士顿的光 is the oldest lighthouse in America that is still standing. 如果你有一群 25人 or more, you can inquire about discount pricing for your tour. 

地址: 西大西洋大道191号,马萨诸塞州波士顿02110

You can find a 5,000平方英尺的花园 atop 芬威球场 that grows different produce.


芬威球场,一个主要的 波士顿体育迷 一般都是棒球迷, may not be what you expect to see on a list of hidden gems in Boston. But what many don’t know is that there’s actually an entire vegetable garden atop 芬威球场, 你可以看到! 下次你去看比赛的时候, 走到左外野墙后面去, 就在左外野界外杆那边. Go up to the third floor of the suite level and look down to see the 5,000平方英尺的花园, 该工厂于2014年建成,年产量近600万吨,每年生产1000磅的农产品. The garden grows herbs, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, broccoli, eggplant, carrots, zucchini, and more. The produce is used at various eateries throughout the ballpark and nearby restaurants, and any leftover harvest at the end of the season is donated to local Boston food banks. 

地址: 马萨诸塞州波士顿泽西街4号02215

包车小费: 芬威球场, 像许多其他体育场馆一样, 简直就是疯人院, 尤其是在比赛日. A 包车司机 can drop you and your group off so you can avoid the traffic and hassle of finding parking. At 买球推荐软件app排名, we have experience providing group transportation for 运动队和运动迷 都.


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